BRAD TUCKER             


                   Born: 1965, West Covina, CA

                   Lives and works in Austin, TX




                   1991             B.F.A. Studio Art, Painting/Drawing,

                  University of North Texas, Denton, TX

        2008           MFA Sculpture

                  Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY



                   2015             Decent Recent Pieces, Re Gallery, Dallas, Texas

                                        Wobbles, Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas             

                   2013             Hand Models, Extras, and Stunt Doubles, Houston Contemporary Art Fair,

                                                Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

                                        TV Dinner Commercial Break, Old Jail Art Center, Albany, TX

                                        Paintings are People, El Centro College, Dallas, TX

                   2012             Pressing News, Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas

                   2011             Ten Records on Video, CAMH, Houston, Texas

                                                (In partnership with Texas Biennial 2011)

                   2009             Tijuana Brass, Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas

                   2008             Opportunity Knocks, Art Palace, Austin, Texas

                   2005             Night and Day, Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas

        2004             Brad Tucker, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Art House Presents: Brad Tucker, Art House, Austin, TX

BadFace, performance at Art House on April 30th, 2004

                   2003             Present Future, ARTissima 10, Turin, Italy

                                        Long Distance Lovers, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

                   2002             Brad Tucker, Boom, Chicago, IL

                                        Singles, The Suburban, Chicago, IL

                                        Flip Flop, Lombard-Freid Fine Art, New York, NY

                                        The Verge: Brad Tucker, Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND

                                        Brad Tucker, Ray Gun, Valencia, Spain

                   2001             Drum Solos, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

                   2000             Brad Tucker, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX







                  2015              Like Another,  How's Howard?, Boston, MA.

                  2014              About Like So: The Influence of Painting, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT.

     2013              Texas Biennial, UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami, Fl

              Texas Biennial Invitational, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX

                           Texas Biennial, Bluestar Contemporary, San Antonio, TX

                           Just then, and Again, The UNO St. Claude Art Gallery, Universtity of NewOrleans, New Orleans, LA

                                   Curated by Patrick Reynolds

                           Cross Talk: Sterling Allen and Brad Tucker, Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas, TX  

                                    Curated by Nathan Green

     2012              XYZ: The Geometric Impulse in Abstract Art, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA.

                                    Curated by Emily Joyce and Jessica Halonen

              Art on the Green, AMOA/Arthouse, Austin, TX

                           Sonic Architectonic, Visual Arts Building, University of Texas Dallas, Dallas, TX

                                                Curated by Lorraine Tady

                                       The Mobile Archive, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

          (traveling video archive)

                 2011              Texas Biennial 2011, multiple venues in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, TX

                                                Curated by Virginia Rutledge.

2010         Three Propositions and a Musical Scenario, 2525 Wiesenberger St., Fort Worth, TX

                           Curated by Noah Simblist and SubText Projects

         2009         More Mergers and Acquisitions, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA

                                                Curated by Stuart Horodner

                  The Fuzzy Set, LAX ART, Los Angeles, CA

                  The Collected Works, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

       2008            Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts 2008 MFA Thesis Exhibition,

                            Bard College Exhibition Center, Red Hook, NY

                            Material Culture, Center for Visual Research, TCU, Fort Worth, TX

                                                 Curated by Frances Colpitt

                             Probably, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

       2007             Selections from the Texas Biennial, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, TX

                             Texas Biennial, Site 1808, Austin, TX

                                                Juror’s Choice Award

                   2006             Fresh, Liz Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

        2005             Bill Davenport, Francesca Fuchs, Brad Tucker, Ibid Gallery, London, England

        Curated by John Slyce

Conversational Lag, Volume Gallery, New York City, NY

Color Line Pattern, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX

                                TWANG, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX

        Curated by Sean Horton

ArtLA, Inman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                                                              

                   2004             Rock, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

                             Abundance, Space 51, Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County, Houston, TX

                             Brothers, Fresh Up Club, Austin, TX

                             TWANG, Southeast Museum of Art, Beaumont, TX

        Curated by Sean Horton

         Treble, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY

        Curated by Regine Basha                                                                                                         

                             Altoids Curiously Strong Collection, ArtHouse, Austin, TX

                             I Heart Texas, Alston Skirt Gallery, Boston, MA

                                                    Curated by Sean Horton

                   2003             Brad Tucker & Todd Hebert, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX

                                        Come Forward: Emerging Artists from Texas, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

                                        Beyond the Academy: Encouraging New Talent From Texas, Arthouse, Austin, TX

                                        Hanging, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

                                        The Potent Line, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX

                   2002             Hard Core, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX

                                        LISTE '02, Lombard-Fried Fine Arts, Basel, Switzerland

                                        Blip, Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

                           Cuated by Sharon Engelstein and Aaron Parazette

Friends and Family, Lombard-Freid Fine Art, New York, NY

2001             Off The Wall, Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago

Core Exhibition 2001, Glassell School Of Art, Museum Of Fine Arts Houston, Houston, TX (catalogue with reproductions)

                                        Armory Show, Inman Gallery and Lombard Freid Fine Art, New York, NY

                                        Art Chicago 2001, Inman Gallery, Chicago, IL

                   2000             Some New Minds, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY

                                        Thrifting, Lombard-Freid Fine Art, New York, NY

                                                Curated by Kerry Inman

                                        Meat Market Art Fair, Inman Gallery, New York, NY

                                        Stempo, Homeroom, Munich, Germany (two-person exhibition with Stephen Fritsch),

                                                Curated by Courtenay Smith

                                        Group Show, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

                                        Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

                                        Francesca Fuchs, Katrina Moorhead, Ludwig Schwarz, Brad Tucker,

                                                Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

                                                Curated by Bill Davenport

                                        Art Chicago 2000, Inman Gallery, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

                                        HiJinx, Arlington Museum of Art and University of Texas at Dallas, Arlington and Dallas, TX

                                                Curators: Joan Davidow, John Pomara, Sean Slattery, catalog

                                        Core Show, Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

                   1999             Fire Sale 2000, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

                   1998             Jeff Elrod, Mark Flood, Brad Tucker, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

                                        We Know Where You Live, Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art, Houston, TX

                                        New Works, Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art, Houston, TX





                   2013             Paintings are People, January 25th, El Centro College, Dallas, TX

                   2011             Future Proof, April 15th, Trailer Space Records, Austin, TX

                                        Band Practice (at Graham Hudson’s Rehearsal at the Astoria),

                                                March 5th, Arthouse, Austin, TX

                   2010              New Apps for Oldies, March 5th, 2525 Wiesenberger Street, Fort Worth, TX

                   2009             Bad Trucker Performs Banjitar, October 3rd, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

2008           Bad Trucker Live at the Swan, July 27th, Black Swan, Tivoli, NY

                    Bad Trucker Material Culture, Februaty 15th, Center for Visual Research,

                                                   TCU, Fort Worth, TX

                      Bad Trucker Performs SoLaD, February 16th ,Art Palace, Austin, TX

2007             Bad Trucker Performs SoLaD, December 5th,

                                                 Blue Star Contemporary Center, San Antonio, TX

                                Bad Trucker Live at Fisher, July 12th, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Bad Trucker, Ken Little’s Hometown Rodeo, The Cove, San Antonio, TX

Bad Trucker Returns to Austin, Texas Biennial, Site 1808, Austin, TX

                                       Three performances: March 3rd, March 16th, and April 4th

         2006             Bad Trucker Bard, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

                                                  Two performances in June and July

2004            Bad Face Austin, April 30th, Arthouse, Austin, TX

2003             Bad Face Houston, June 30th, House Music, 1911 Bradshaw Street, Houston, TX

                   2002             Beautiful Songs of the World, Come Forward: New Art in Texas,

                                                Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX




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                   Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

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                   New Museum, New York City, NY

                   Plains Museum, Fargo, ND